Fast and Accurate Line Finding

The Right Tools,

the Latest Methods

Knowing the location of every transmission line is essential to a safe, productive oil and gas network. Mapping your existing pipelines prevents dangerous breaks. Don’t wait until the damage is done; be proactive in protecting your product and your people. We use the latest technology to find every line in the area so you’ll be able to work safely and efficiently.

We Play

It Safe

Mapping out existing oil pipelines is essential to a secure worksite, and safety is our number one priority. With tight protocols and an exceptional safety record, we’ll get you the information you need to keep your people safe and your product flowing.

New Technology

for Superior Results

Because we use the latest techniques and tools, we’ll find the pipes others might miss. Our line finders focus on speed and accuracy, so we’ll get you the information you need on a tight schedule. You can’t beat our combination of technology and experience.

Serving the

Oil and Gas Industries:

Now Hiring Warriors

Our team is always looking for motivated, hard-working people. We provide first-rate vehicles, tools, and insurance packages. We offer competitive salaries in a cleaner work environment. If you’re interested in joining Warrior Technologies, please contact us.

About Environmental/Industrial Tank Cleaning/Sterilization Line Finding